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Want to Know What the Different Kinds of Perimeter Fencing There Is?


A perimeter is an invisible boundary line which marks out a property, perimeter fencing is any form of demarcation which marks off the boundary on a property by enclosing it in. There are various different kinds of perimeter fence available today and can be used as security, privacy, safety, or as an element in landscaping.

A perimeter fence is often used to restrict access to a building. These fences can come in the form of chain-link fences that are mounted on posts. This kind of fence can be seen around the likes of construction sites, schoolyards, and tennis courts.



can often surround areas which are off limits due to safety reasons, like swimming pools, reservoirs, and utility sub-stations, they can also be seen on penitentiaries. When safety is the issue, you can often see such a fence that has

razor or barbed wire on top of it. Barbed wire is used also on agricultural fences to keep in cattle, for example.

Wooden fences have been used around a perimeter to provide more privacy. Usually, these fences will have a gate at the front, and, depending what is behind, a gate to the rear. Sometimes outbuildings like a garage form the connection between one part of a fence and the other, or when they are right on the border of a property. The kinds of wooden fences can include picket fences, stockade fences, post-and-rail fences, etc. Zig-zag and split-rail fences are considered a more rustic style of wooden fence.

When a house comes with a garden or land, there could be a perimeter fence in the shape of a hedgerow. This can be either short or tall and offers a barrier. This kind of divider is often chosen for its attractiveness, or maybe to reduce the wind coming on to a property or just for more privacy.

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